ConserT Srl

The ConserT Srl was born April 1, 1999 to work specifically in the field of tanks intended for the carriage of liquids ADR and NOT ADR type or intermodal shipping.

The sales staff specializes in the rental and, thanks to years of experience, is able to provide advice and guidance on the various types of tanks to be used, and in consideration of the various products carried, that the issues related to product characteristics.

In support of the rental service that the company offers, the structure is a workshop for any repairs or maintenance required during and / or after use.

Making use of competent and qualified, you can keep the costs of repair and maintain a high quality, as required by the regulations, making it less costly to hire.

The structure was designed and built specifically into account the activity.

The square is about 10,000 square meters entirely of concrete, the piles to store the tanks are well defined and viability of transit vehicles regulated by indications, in order to make easy the movements of loading / unloading and safe operation.The possibility of storage is about 450 units in the fourth row.

The movement is using three special forklifts.

The fenced yard is equipped with lighting and video surveillance system.

The offices are on two levels: the lower level office operating with a broad view of the square, in order to allow a visual inspection, upstairs direction and meeting room.


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