ConserT Srl has mainly tanks for the carriage of liquids of different chemical classes ADR or NOT ADR as well as tanks for food or gas tanks.
For the different types of tank, it is possible to perform modifications of the standard required for the various types of product.
Pickup and redelivery of the tanks are made in our store of Truccazzano (MI) and possibly in the filing of Antwerp in Belgium.
During the rental period, you can, if necessary, perform at our workshop repairs.
The rental conditions are given in the General Leasing Conditions, the information is then supplemented by the specific offer of rental demand.
The tanks are delivered repaired and washed internally in accordance with the international standards, have a cleaning certificate and testing valid with any independent inspection at the time of delivery.
For repairs at the end of rental, the lessee has the right to use the workshop ConserT or other structure before returning.

 Volume 15.500 l. – 2 compartments – 24.000 l. – 25.000 l. – 26.000 l. – food grade (27.350 l.) – 30.000 l. – 33.000 l. – 35.000 l.
 Product classes
3 – 5.1 – 6.1 – 8 – 9
  Service pressure
2.67 BAR – 3 BAR – 4 BAR
insulated - steam heating – shall Stainless Steel 316 Ti – boxes 30.000-35.000 l. 7.15 / 7.82 with breaker waves
food grade - chemical - gas

2 Comparti
15.500 l.
24.000 l.
25.000 l.

26.000 l.
30.000 l.
33.000 l.
35.000 l.
Alimentare (27.350 l.)


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